When everything changes

Between spring and summer
The popeline dress: how to wear it in the city

It took me a lot of time before I was able to get back to writing, before I found the right words to start again and take  a different direction.
The end of 2017 and the start of this new year turned upside down my life and brought with them countless changes. Everything has changed, everything got destroyed and now is starting to get back to shape. During our lives crisis are useful, as the greek etymology of the word suggests, “krisis” means choice, discernment, decision and it mustn’t be necessarily meant as something negative. Crisis is important because helps us to become better people, helps to grow, helps to change and head towards a whole new direction, different and more useful than the previous one. Personally speaking, crisis is the input for a re-birth and, meant as it is, it’s the moment when everything appears to be clearer, plain, and we are eventually able to revolutionize the situation we live in to give birth to a new era.
Obviously changes, even if sudden, they are not immediate and we can appreciate the true and positive effects only on a long-term basis, when we finally let a lot of things go and we await for the flow to lead us.
By the way, I am a person who constantly yearn for change in order to better myself and the context I live in, therefore in a way I always find myself pushing towards something which could be “the best of all possible worlds”, as Leibniz would say.
Only now I realize how important is sometimes to give the necessary space to what makes us free and alive because we don’t exist only to fulfill our duties, for what we are forced to do for whatever question, we are here to make the best out of our experiences and make them significative, to believe in a dream, even though in a certain moment events tend to suggest us anything else.
To pay homage to renaissance I eventually go back to what I love and I’m sharing with you this outfit shot almost two months ago, during one of my usual strolls among Rione Monti’s narrow streets, surrounded by beauty, colours and a strong golden light granted by an awesome sunset upon Fori Imperiali.

BERET, SHOES: Stradivarius /  PANTS: Zara / SWEATER, COAT: H&M / BAG: Mango

Between spring and summer
The popeline dress: how to wear it in the city

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