Shooting with a rétro allure between Piazza del Popolo and Pincio

How to make a longuette looking casual with the help of accessories
How to go casual with the one-sleeve bodysuit

It’s been ages since my last post, but I’m back with a totally new and more useful blog! I couldn’t wait to show it to you to know your impressions! So, what about it?! I’ve designed it together with Arkomedia Web Agency focusing on a modern and minimalistic aesthetic.
Moreover I was waiting for the new website to be ready to show you the outcome of a summer afternoon spent strolling around Piazza del Popolo and Villa Borghese together with the talented Welsh photographer Gari Wyn Williams.
I adore this photographic project because, according to me, fully expresses the Dolce Vita concept or, more simply, our relaxed way of living, enjoying  the warm and sunny weather, often wearing clothes borrowed from our grandmas’ closets or with a vintage allure and always walking plunged into the beauty of past ages.


As soon as I found this gingham skirt on Shein website it was naturally love at first sight. The fabric is really soft and it’s amazing the spectacular effect you get wearing it! Furthermore this print was one of the greatest trends of the hot season and, why not, we are surely going to see a bit of it even in the winter collections and I’m really happy about it. While wearing this skirt I was already day-dreaming about me in the ‘60s like a modern Brigitte Bardot and just for that reason I’ve decided to match a top with the eponymous neckline and a straw hat.


It has been a pretty intense afternoon, we’ve walked a lot starting from the main fountain in Piazza del Popolo which previously wasn’t a fountain though, actually Papa Sisto V decided to place Obelisco Flaminio in the centre of the square in 1589 and, later, in 1823 the architect Valadier added, in a true Egyptian style, four lions on the base corners of the obelisk and the tanks that we can admire today. Also, it is an original one built under the reign of Ramses II, brought in Rome by Augusto and previously located at Circo Massimo.
From the obelisk we moved towards Basilica di Santa Maria in Monte Santo, one of the two “twin” churches, not so similar though, climbing up the Pincio promenade towards Villa Borghese looking for other special views to be included in the pictures, such as the marble neoclassical complex of Fama che corona  I Geni delle Arti e del Commercio realized by Stocchi and Baini in 1831. Then we’ve spent a few time shooting on one of the two stairways of the wonderful  Loggia Coperta with three arches that lead to the majestic Loggia Panoramica where unfortunately it’s not possible to enter. We’ve continued our stroll on Viale D’Annunzio heading to the little square which  hosts in the centre a monument to two Risorgimento Italian patriots, the Cairoli brothers, there we’ve found the perfect location to take photos with a Rome’s breathtaking view in the background. The shooting session has came to an end in Villa Borghese where we’ve  taken  advantage of the sunset lighting to get some impressive close-ups which I hope you’ll appreciate as much as I do. It’s incredible how a day spent shooting a look can turn to be full of art and beauty, but it’s what I love about Rome: it’s so chaotic but packed with history, legends and culture. This truly is what I mean when I talk about luxury, being able to get ceaselessly stunned by the city you live in taking for granted instead that you can know it all.

HAT, TOP: H&M / CHOKER: Accessorize / SKIRT: Shein / BOOTS: Soho Store

PH: Gari Wyn Williams

How to make a longuette looking casual with the help of accessories
How to go casual with the one-sleeve bodysuit

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