Shifting into autumn: a transitional look after summer holidays

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How to create a look starting from one of the biggest summer trends: the straw bag

I adore this time of the year. We are all back to work, school and we are focusing on new dreams and projects, the heat is finally starting to slow down, the light upon Rome becomes softer and the city appears more wonderful than ever.
It can be weird but I’ve never liked summer: the heat leaves me forceless, the city gets empty and the streets are desert. I much prefer the comeback moment, I love September and October and the excitement of the new beginnings because it is just the time when I feel more motivated to re-start every field of my life.
There is nothing better than watching the golden light that touches the roman marble, the trees’ leaves starting to turn yellow and detaching from them while dancing in the crisp air which pleasantly brushes our skin.


Generally I don’t wear colours tending to purple, but this neoprene Asos dress suddenly stole my heart for its frills and the super feminine shape and immediately came to my mind the perfect combo with some dusty pink accessories.
Moreover the colour choice wasn’t only about the desire of trying on never worn nuances, but rather a way to get closer to purple shades since Ultra Violet is the colour of 2018, we are already discovering it in the f/w 2018-19 and we are undoubtedly going to find it even in the next collections! So we can say that this is a transitional look between summer and the trends which are going to be the protagonists of our winter!


The location I’ve chosen to shoot is one of the place I cherish the most, Piazza della Bocca della Verità, where at first used to exist Foro Boario that was the cattle market of the Ancient Rome, but where still today we can admire various finds  such as  Tempio di Ercole Vincitore and Tempio della Fortuna Virile, Fontana dei Tritoni and Santa Maria in Cosmedin in whose portico Bocca della Verità is kept since 1632.
The temple dedicated to Ercole Vincitore is often wrongly confused with Tempio di Vesta which is located into Foro Romano and with which has in common only the circular diagram, actually it is the most ancient still standing marble building of the city. It dates back to II century b.C.  and during more recent times, at the beginning of XII century it had been turned into a church dedicated to Santo Stefano, inside indeed it is possible to notice a fresco painting  datable back to XV century.
The same destiny affected Tempio di Giove Portuno o della Fortuna Virile, built between II and I century b.C. and firstly dedicated to Portunus, the guardian divinity of the close river harbour, then transformed into the curch of Santa Maria Egiziaca in 872 and given to the Armenians by the Pope Pio V.
Fontana dei Tritoni, inspired to Bernini’s one, but realized by Carlo Bizzaccheri in 1715, fills the square in front of the wonderful Santa Maria in Cosmedin dated back to the VI century A.D. during the Byzantine period, when that area of Rome used to be the centre of the greek commmunity, from here the former name Santa Maria in Schola Graeca. Later it had been expanded several times during various ages and decorated referring to each one of them. The external look, thanks to the peculiar portico, surely is medieval, but also characterized  by the easily recognizable romanic bell tower that overwhelmingly stands out onto the blue of the roman sky.

I was born in Rome and I have the luck of being able to admire these beauties everyday of my life but still, sometimes, it’s difficult for me to believe how it could be possible to find ourselves in front of works of art belonging to different ages but yet so harmoniously closely attached. Everytime I take a photo of Rome’s landscapes I try to distinguish all the layers of history that overlapped during centuries and I proudly reckon about the famous hymn by Orazio and its sentence: “ You will never see anything greater than Rome”.


DRESS: Asos / BAG: Zara / SHOES: Stradivarius / JEWELRY: Vintage

BenOK: the natural and organic beauty innovation!
How to create a look starting from one of the biggest summer trends: the straw bag

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