A pair of ruffled pants to get the office look

The popeline dress: how to wear it in the city
How to make a longuette looking casual with the help of accessories

It’s not always easy to decide what to wear for work, above all if you need to be quite formal and if you need to follow the behavior code of an office. This is not my case since I mostly work from my apartment and I can widely range wether I have to come up with a look for a client’s meeting or for an event, but previously happened to me to find myself in situations when I have been “forced” to mediate between the use of formal and classical clothes and trendy and eccentric ones. By the way not always formality excludes the ability of wearing seasonal trends or accessories for real fashion victims, for this reason through these pictures I’m showing you a look that I’ve easily worn for a stroll in the centre of Rome and the happy-hour, but it can be surely replicated to go to the office.


I’ve created this look starting from these super soft ruffled pants bought at Zara some months ago and  that I’ve been looking for since a long time without making a decision until the start of summer. I can say I’m a ruffles lover and I’ve started loving them even more because they’ve actually became a trend for a couple of seasons! I’ve thought a lot about how to match them and then I came to the conclusion that a white shirt with bell sleeves and these cool Trenta7 shoes with the typical buckle would be the best choice to enhance them. I’ve decided to add an evergreen bag, the Ellipse by Louis Vuitton, together with a felt hat with large brim. Given that it is a very easy look based upon neutral tones, I’ve thought to wear some quite particular accessories such the triangle brass ring dipped in gold by Noshi and a necklace bought in Santorini at Athens Protasis, a store which sells typical Greek bijoux made with lava stone, onyx and various metals.


In order to take these pictures we’ve chosen the probably most known area of the centre of Rome, the one located between Piazza di Spagna and Via del Corso, ranging to Via Margutta just in the heart of Rione Campo Marzio. Precisely speaking, we’ve started from Via della Croce and from there we’ve walked through Via Belsiana, Via Mario de’ Fiori, not to shoot specific historically relevant places, but to appreciate the  magical and ageless atmosphere of the main streets of the centre. Then we’ve moved from there towards Via Margutta, a true oasis for creatives, indeed it is mainly known as Artists’ street, in fact the Dolce Vita emblem director Federico Fellini used to live there and on the same street used to live also actresses such as Anna Magnani and Giulietta Masina and the surrealist painter Giorgio De Chirico, even Antonio Canova owned an atelier in Via Margutta, though! Hence this street has been gathering internationally famous artists since always, but actually until the Middle Ages, when an unknown artist gave life to the first portraits and painting studio that attracted fellows artists from all over Europe, used to host workshops and stalls, instead now it is considered as a reference point for cool restaurants and art galleries.
It is a really impressive corner of Rome in which it is possible to “breathe” art everywhere and in which I can’t help but losing myself nostalgically thinking the creative turmoil of the past ages.

I believe that while living in Rome you never stop learning, I can honestly admit that I know only a small part of what it owns since it’s really difficult to get an accurate and deep knowledge because of the great amount of monuments, culturally relevant places, museums, fountains, palaces that we have the honour of admiring even only taking the bus to reach work. By the way I’m glad to  tell you little by little new anecdotes and stories about my wonderful city! 🙂

HAT: H&M / SHIRT, PANTS: Zara / NECKLACE: Athens Protasis / BAG: Louis Vuitton / RING: Noshi Jewelry / SHOES: Trenta7

The popeline dress: how to wear it in the city
How to make a longuette looking casual with the help of accessories

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