The popeline dress: how to wear it in the city

When everything changes
A pair of ruffled pants to get the office look

One of those dresses that I would wear every day, all year long!

What to wear in the city when the heat starts to be unbearable? This is the question I ask to myself  every year as soon as the summer starts and it obviously is the question I’ve asked myself even in this case. As you would have grasped, this still is a series of pictures taken before summer and not yet published because of the website restyling, I didn’t get crazy though! J Personally speaking, the thing is that dressing up in a trendy and crisp way to face the ghastly hot Roman days is really difficult, so I truly wanted to show you this photos in which I’m wearing a trend of the past warm season and I’m striving to appear nice despite of the temperatures!


The popeline dress can surely be included among the trends that have been in vogue the most during the s/s 2017, it is the perfect idea for a casual  yet refined outfit suitable to the moment when the temperatures start to go up. What I could noticed also reading other blogs is that this kind of dress has been mainly worn to go to chic seaside locations all around the world. I’ve used popeline dresses to have lunch or  happy-hours on the beach as well, but I’ve decided to bring this trend also to the city with the help of the right accessories.
I’ve decided to add a pair of medium-heeled booties, the super versatile Coccinelle cross body bag, a mix of golden necklaces and a set of handmade bronze rings by Flaminia Barosini.
This kind of dress is one I’d always wear since it’s so easy to create a comfy outfit with it, suitable to every occasion only adding a few accessories.


We’ve headed to Rione Monti for shooting, an area that I often visit and  I particularly love for the multitude of restaurants, designers’ ateliers, vintage shops and relevant cultural places that fill its streets.
It is the first district of Rome and it owes its name to the amount of little hills, “monti” though, which are located in it. The southern part of this area was close to the uplands where the populated units of the primordial city started to appear, at the centre of which there’s a valley then called Suburra, that means “the zone below the city”, principally  inhabited by a middle-low social class. For many centuries the framework of the city has been the same: the patricians’ houses were standing out on the hills and they also used to include the various basilicas such as Santa Pudenziana, Santa Prassede, San Martino ai Monti and San Pietro in Vincoli, instead the lower part hosted the abodes of the less wealthy people. Consequently to the end f the Empire and to the cut of aqueducts, the high grounds suffered a phenomenon of depopulation and the Suburra quickly became the popular and suburban area where everyone used to live. This kind of layout changed only after Sisto V the Pope had built Via Panisperna, fixed Via dei Serpenti and created the aqueduct Felice, thanks to this the highest parts of  Rione Monti had been repopulated and new palaces had been built between the XVII and XVIII century together with some villas like Villa Aldobrandini and Sforza and Sisto V’s one, even if they were a minority compared to the popular buildings of the whole district.
During our stroll to find a location we have eventually stopped by the stairs of  Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Via Nazionale, even though we didn’t manage to include a lot of background in the pictures. The majestic construction had been projected in 1877 by Pio Piacentini and finished in 1883, it had been built together with many other neoclassical edifices to provide to the city some institutional buildings and to make it assume all the connotations of a capital, title gained just a few years before in 1871.

So, it’s really interesting to be able to learn everyday something new only going out from home and walking through a museum-city which keeps on developing and growing. Moreover new archaeological discoveries are endlessly made and thanks to them we can retrace the mosaic of our past as Romans, we’re not going to have the most functioning city for sure, but at least we have layers and layers of history to comfort ourselves! 😀
NECKLACES: H&M and Boutique Minimaliste / DRESS: H&M / BAG: Coccinelle / RINGS: Flaminia Barosini / BOOTS: Soho Store

When everything changes
A pair of ruffled pants to get the office look

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