How to make a longuette looking casual with the help of accessories

A pair of ruffled pants to get the office look
Shooting with a rétro allure between Piazza del Popolo and Pincio

As you well know, for a few months I’ve not been able to post anything new because of the restyling of the blog that stole me a lot of time. Time during which I’ve still kept on shooting some looks, such the one I’m showing you today, so I hope you’ll forgive me but these pictures have been taken at the start of summer, when it was still possible to have a walk in Rome without fainting because of the heat. 🙂
This time we’ve chosen to stroll for a less central area of Rome, in the south of the city, but so lovely according to me.


If I should tell you which is my go-to outfit for a day full of work and running errands, I’d honestly say this one. I love to wear longuettes matching them with combat boots or brogues, I believe that it is a combo which truly reflects me: it is comfy but hyper-feminine. When the weather is cold I usually add a knit or a bodysuit otherwise, when it’s hotter, I love to complete the outfit with a crop top just like in this case.
Then, I’ve decided to carry this particular Poshead purse since it is not a classical bag and I find it is perfect in combination with casual and quite minimal clothes, and I like so much think shade of pink!
Furthermore, given that I wanted to highlight the accessories, I’ve worn the Origami bracelet by Noshi, a true discovery because it’s a really flexible jewel which can be used in different ways just thanks to its geometrical shape inspired by the art of Japanese Origami!


There’s an area of Rome that I truly adore, above all during spring and summer when it’s fulfilled of blooming plants and trees in every corner, the neighborhood surrounding Villa Fiorelli. It is a residential district characterized by small houses and flats, many decorated with Liberty style, painted in warm and pastel tones at the hearth of which Villa Fiorelli is located, though. The gardens already existed in the XVIII century, but they were known as Vigna Costantini and they were part of the much wider rural property of the Costantini Counts until Costantini Countess got married with Luigi Fiorelli in 1848 and the gardens became property of his family.
What we can now admire is only a small part of the former existing green area, but it’s still a totally renovated park that matches the earlier 1900s architecture of the adjacent buildings.
So we’ve strolled around the neighborhood using as a location any place or monument in particular, but taking advantage of these colourful glimpses, even more suggestive during the golden hour.

These are just the kind of days I prefer, spending them working but being able to enjoy the beauties Rome has to offer and taking inspiration also from the colours of Nature and from the wonderful flowers that inundate the city for many months from the start of spring to the start of summer.

TOP, SKIRT: H&M / BRACELET: Noshi Jewelry / BAG: Poshead / BOOTS: Lumberjack

A pair of ruffled pants to get the office look
Shooting with a rétro allure between Piazza del Popolo and Pincio

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