BenOK: the natural and organic beauty innovation!

Shifting into autumn: a transitional look after summer holidays

Among my various obsessions, there’s surely one I haven’t spoken a lot about, it is the one linked to the beauty field. I’m a huge fanatic of skincare and I costantly find myself buried by tons of face and body creams and products that I buy to always try new things.

Talking about this I want to tell you about BenOK, a new italian brand dedicated to skincare which came out from the expertise in  the pharmaceutical field of Bassetto group, they decided to give life to a line of very effective and extremely delicate products perfectly suitable to all skin types, even the most sensitive ones as mine!
I had the chance to test their Antiage Hydro Cream Serum with Q10 Coenzyme together with the Triple Action Hyaluronic Acid Face Cream and the effects quickly became evident: within a little amount of time my skin looked totally re-balanced and the texture appeared firmer and way more glowing!
This happened because, above using only organic plants derived functional extracts which make them perfect even for who embraces a vegetarian or vegan philosophy, BenOK doesn’t use preservatives, petrolatum, parabens, nichel and gluten, so the skin can absorb only high quality raw ingredients, and they can meet all their clients’ needs.
The packaging of the products is extremely minimalistic, but don’t be fooled by it, the focus on production follows the highest standards and makes BenOK a precious discovery and a mainstay of the natural and organic beauty innovation!

I strongly recommend to take a look at their website and newly launched e-commerce, you can use a 15% discount off on all your purchases entering the code BEAUTY15 at check-out!
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Shifting into autumn: a transitional look after summer holidays

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